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We hate to say we told you so, but… who are we kidding?  We LOVE to say we told you so – (in that sing-song schoolyard voice, with a couple of nyah-nyahs thrown in) — and we did, right here about a year ago, where we created the WASTIES awards to celebrate the biggest annual cash bonfire in marketing… Super Bowl ads.

A study of ads from last year’s Super Bowl strongly suggests that only about 1 out of 5 ads actually sell anything. What do the other four do? Well, they give some agency creative director a fat button on his resume. They give the CMO the chance to strut around the office with thumbs hooked under his or her suspenders and act like a big shot. And they give viewers a chance to make a sandwich. Quite a deal for $4 million bucks. More precisely, $133,000 per second. That’s a fast burn rate. How fast? 72% of the speed of light. Let that sink in for a bit.

When people get into the Group Think Zone, they do strange things – like goose-stepping, or planking or chugging poison Kool-Aid because… well, because everybody’s doing it! Maybe VMG will create a de-programming clinic for those CMOs, Media Directors and Creative Directors who have ceded their minds to the herd mentality. We’ll charge a mere fraction of what they’ve blown on bad advertising. We’ll send them back to the office with a clear head.

Metrics aside, the idea of a Super Bowl ad is intrinsically a foolish play, rooted almost entirely in ego. The only competition should be on the field. Yet, loads of companies spend mountains of money to create an ad (often a once-run-and-it’s-done ad) to play cheek-to-cheek with other ads, also everybody’s best, most expensive effort, to win what? Some bravissimos from the trade?

At VMG, we like to keep our clients far from competitors, where they can be the center of attention. We’ve also been known to show up at foot races on a motorcycle. To us, results are everything, because you can’t deposit kudos at the bank.

Even Ben Franklin looks disgusted by the waste.

Come back and see us soon and discover who wins the 2014 WASTIES.