The Call Of The Wild CPD

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What is CPD? Chicago Police Department? Collaborative Product Development? Wrong again. It stands for Chief Pussycat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger

CPD, Nicole Scherzinger

We’ve been admiring (worshipping) Nicole for years, and unlike politics and cell phone reception, she just keeps getting better.

We stumbled on this video and had to embed it for your viewing pleasure. Why? We don’t care about the NBA or its stars. I’d rather watch Kobe beef than Kobe Bryant. But anything having to do with The CPD merits immediate attention and close scrutiny.

What is it about Nicole? She has much the same appeal as Tina Turner. Feral. Untamed. High voltage. Dangerous. Other women hate her, saying she’s nothing special; or they’ll sniff, she’s common. R-i-i-i-ght. 

Even her name is redolent with Dickensian subtext… Scher-ZINGER. Indeed.
Side by side with Led Zep front man Robert Plant, she’d blast him off the stage like an emphysematic featherweight. And this video – we doff our hat to whoever cut this for ESPN – it is masterful. We painstakingly extracted this particular screen shot from the vid for a reason. In any performance, there is a “tell” – a vocal or facial nuance that reveals so, so much. 

Watch the video and look for the crazy-eye take (at about 17 seconds in)  Nicole gives. It says — no screams — I’M FUN!

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