Of wooden ships, iron men and sepia tones…

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Ever wonder how things get their names? It’s often surprising when a moniker that seems random or whimsical actually has a sterling DNA string. Such we learned, is the case with Bluenose Yachts Sales (http://www.bluenoseyachts.com), a well known broker in Newport, R.I.
Turns out that Bluenose was a famed fishing schooner-cum racing yacht that hailed from Nova Scotia (whose residents are nicknamed bluenoses). Captained by a wily and intrepid man, the Bluenose had a distinguished reign as queen of the North Atlantic for several years, repeatedly winning the coveted Halifax Herald North Atlantic Fisherman’s International Competition.
This was in the early 20s, and the idea of corporate sponsorship was far from fully formed. So, the self-funding Bluenose worked the Grand Banks, filling the hold with salted cod. On one trip, she returned with 649,000 pounds of the stuff. Imagine the likes of Turner,  Conner or Koch having to boat 325 tons of slimy fish before they’d be allowed to race? Oh, how times have changed.
So where’s the common thread?  Bluenose Yacht Sales is owned by Glenn Walters, whose great, great Uncle, Angus Walters , was the skipper who made the Bluenose fly.

For the full story, watch this magnificent video. 

Capt. Angus Walters 

Next time you’re in fashionable Newport, stop by and meet Glenn Walters, a guy with an encyclopedic knowledge of things nautical. You may notice a resemblance to the guy on the left.