Miami NICE (scroll down for a bangin’ video)

Bruce McArthur Uncategorized

Few things in life exceed expectations. The Miami Boat Show did. It was kick-ass great, a nautical nirvana. The boats were  beyond fantastic. Each time I’d fall in love with a vessel,  I’d drop it for a sexier one just footsteps away.
The men and women representing their products were a pleasure to meet.  Bruce and I had the good fortune to spend some time with boating legend Carl Herndon, founder and CEO 
of Blackfin and former president of Bertram. In 1998, Carl purchased Jupiter Marine and now proudly helms a line of magnificent custom sport fishing boats. To call the Jupiter offerings a fleet would be an insult. Jupiter’s gems  should be termed a collection. Check them out at
Many elements comprise a successful trade show, and most crucial is the venue. We LOOOOVVE Miami. More than any city, Miami Beach feels like a living organism…one with no self-filter or pretense. It knows what it is and makes no apologies. It’s about eye-candy and fun. New York calls itself the city that never sleeps. BFD. Miami beach rocks ’till dawn and then sleeps in. That’s fine by us.
The VMG crew covered a LOT of ground — at the show and around town. As a service to our esteemed friends, fans and clients, we’ve prepared a brief video post-card for you, just in-case you missed anything. Have a look – we promise you’ll enjoy it.