Is your content king… or a joke?

Bruce McArthur Facebook, Marketing, Social Media, Social Networks

“Content is king” has been a media bromide for decades. But just any content? TV networks and movie studios spend hundreds of millions on content that overwhelmingly fails. With today’s DIY digital buffet of media vehicles, businesses of every stripe are meddling with the alchemy that is content — usually with lackluster results.

Having a Facebook page – even a slickly designed, custom-tabbed, grab-you-by-the-lapels Facebook page, doesn’t guarantee social media success any more than having a movie theater guarantees you’ll sell tickets. Ditto a Twitter account or enrollment in any of thousands of social networks. You may get people to visit once, but unless you hook them – week after week – they’ll disappear.
What’s the magic formula? There is none. Content should be engaging, provocative, amusing, informative, fresh and intriguing – preferably in the same posting. Strong content is art. It cannot be mass-produced. It must be original and tailor-made for the product or service. There is no one-size-fits-all theme, message or aesthetic.
People will respond to surprisingly small morsels. Case in point, a Facebook page we know of for a travel company. Several times a week, someone in the company posted typical Facebook commercial fare – look at these photos of destination x, or what’s your favorite port of call, or here’s a neat packing tip. None of these posts earned more than a handful of comments.
Then someone evinced a spark of creativity, posting a riddle. Presto – nearly 300 readers weighed in with guesses. Which says a lot about the “engagement” element of good content. But was the lesson learned? No. The company never responded to anyone’s answer. Never solved the riddle, either.
Even Gigli was smarter than that.

Keeping the dialog going and the content fresh isn’t easy. Most Facebook pages start with a bang and trail off into nothing, looking as stale as an old newspaper. If this sounds familiar, consider finding a pro to help you.