Who’s right…Greek or geek?

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Heraclitus                    David Byrne
As we hurtle into the second decade of the 21st century, we’ll indulge in some historical reflection, and ponder the quotation below from ancient philosopher Heraclitus.
“The only constant is change.”
Perhaps in his day the world was newer and variety more plentiful.
We see a monotonous cyclorama of high comedy and low culture.
Think not?
As the new millennium dawned a decade ago, these were among  the headline stories.
  • The last Peanuts cartoon was drawn by Charles Schulz. (Thank God. Misshapen manifestations of Schulz’ neuroses should never have seen newsprint. They were never funny. Gary Larson  was funny.)
  • David Letterman had quintuple bypass surgery.
  • Britney Spears announced she was ready to act.
What’s trending as we move into 2011?
  • Starbucks debuts a new logo, enraging loyalists of the old logo.
  • Hollywood parable-in-the-making Lindsey Lohan is wanted by police for shoving an orderly at rehab.
  • Meg Ryan is dating rocker/grandfather/cardiac patient John Mellancamp. (Who was infinitely more palatable as Johnny Cougar.)
Ten years gone by, and essentially the same meaningless events — wrought by meaningless people — are the primary concern of the vox populi.
Conclusion: David (Same as it ever was) Byrne knows more than the ancient Greek.
Perhaps the best we can hope for is to find humor in the stories that today’s “journalists” deem newsworthy. Like the one about a Japanese whaling vessel attacked by an anti-whaling outfit called “Sea Shepherds.” We don’t condone slaughter of the big finned critters. But we just couldn’t stop grinning when we discovered the names of two of Sea Shepherd’s boats – the Steve Irwin (Crikey!) and the Bob Barker (Come on Down!). The game show host’s $5 million-dollar donation cinched his name on the gunwales.
We say, why stop there? How about a 100x life-size Bob Barker figurehead bolted to the bowsprit?
The SS Bob Barker
If it doesn’t scare the Japanese whalers to death, the reflection off his porcelain veneers will blister their corneas. Then again, they just might die laughing.
Now that we’ve had our ya-yas, let’s take a peek at Social Media, not as a tool but an investment.
Wall Street thinks a Facebook IPO is imminent, and opinions about its valuation are flying faster than ass gags at a proctologist’s pow-wow.
Rupert Murdoch dropped $580 million on MySpace and reputedly regrets it.  Here’s an interesting take from The Economist:
Maybe we should invest in tuna, as one just sold in a Japanese sushi market for $396k ($525 per lb.)