Of Tax Evasion and Twitter

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Tax Cheat/Convict
At nearly the precise moment actor Wesley Snipes began a three-year prison sentence for tax evasion, the IRS — the outfit  that took his freedom — announced it was using Twitter. We see tremendous irony in the confluence of these events.
According to the press release, @IRStaxPros wants to “share timely information with taxpayers” via Twitter.
Snipes was convicted on a mere 3 misdemeanor counts. The average felon (that includes assault, battery, arson, burglary, robbery, murder, and rape) serves… the same 3 years.
Tax Cheat/Treasury Secretary
The judge said he was “making an example” of Snipes, primarily for his contempt of the system. Looks like the “example” is, give us ‘tude and we’ll lock your sorry ass up, same as if you murder, maim and rape. Unless you happen to be part of their crew. Timothy Geithner evaded taxes, and they made him capo di tutto capi of the whole, massive shakedown operation.
VMG accessed the Twitter conversation between Wesley and his persecutors er, prosecutors and published those pithy missives herewith:

@WesleyTheBlade Hi Wes! What are you doing?
29 Nov
@IRStaxpros I’m sending you a check for 5 million. Will that settle us up?
30 Nov
@WesleyTheBlade Not even close. Send more $$. Don’t make us go all New Jack City on you. And beg our pardon, too.
1 Dec
@IRStaxpros C’mon, man! I’m tapped out! Cut me some slack! How ‘bout a free DVD of White Men Can’t Jump?
2 Dec
@WesleyTheBlade Got it.  Wes, you’re going prison for three years. Brush up on your karate.
4 Dec
@IRStaxpros This is nuts!
5 Dec
@WesleyTheBlade Seen our vids on youtube, Wes? Very informative. Oops, sorry.  No web surfing where you’re going. BTW, what are you doing?
7 Dec
@IRStaxpros Time, you f*@kin pri#%s! Time!
8 Dec
@WesleyTheBlade Check back with us in 3 years for tips on how to act compliant and obsequious. Happy Holidays!

9 Dec