140 Characters At Dawn

Bruce McArthur Apple, News, Social Networks, Twitter

When Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton’s loathing for one another reached a flashpoint, they grabbed dueling pistols and schlepped out to the woods of Weehawken N.J. When the smoke cleared , the score was Burr: 1; Hamilton: dead.
Now Steve Jobs,  Andy Rubin (Android creator) and Lain Dodsworth (Tweet Deck CEO) are in a beef about all sorts of stuff. They are dueling via Twitter. These are not teenage girls from Dubuque. These are captains of industry. These guys are not wealthy. They are sick rich.
The conflict is tangential to the real story – that the Coliseum, the back alley, the squared circle, the schoolyard of this age is a social network – the logo of which is a cartoon rendering of a little bird.
The signature Tweet is, what are you doing? In this case the answer is, kicking your ass.
The quarrel may accelerate to the courts and make flocks of attorneys rich. Or the feud may fizzle after a few bitchy tweets.
No one should die, but I’d rather see Jobs – in his uniform black mock turtle neck, slap Rubin across the face with a ipad. Whereupon Dodsworth joins the fray –  Stooge style – the Curly Shuffle and a nyuk-nyuk followed by a face slap and eye-poke. Which really gets Jobs’ geek up. He swings an ipod like a bolo, wrapping the ear-buds around Dodsworth’s throat. Cue Mills Lane, sending all combatants to a neutral corner for a time out with milk and cookies.
I hate violence. Wait, not really. In this case, fisticuffs would be so much more dignified.
Each day, we’re freshly astonished by the power of social media. And the insanity of people.