Welcome Aboard!

Bruce McArthur Facebook, Social Media, Social Networks, Twitter

All-purpose wild-man/writer Ken Kesey coined a catch-phrase that’s apropos of social media: “You are either on the bus or off the bus.” Echoed by Tom Wolfe in The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, the expression was a way of saying you’re in or out, aware or oblivious, hip or square, connected or cut-off.

Mass communication goes back a long, long way. From smoke signals to tom-toms to Gutenberg to Telegraph to radio, TV, Internet and now Social Media, each was a new frontier. Those who had the foresight to recognize and harness their power reaped incalculable rewards.

Social Media may be the most effective tool yet. It swayed a presidential election. It can make or break a movie, an IPO, a product, restaurant a romance or a reputation. If your business isn’t using it, (and merely having a Facebook page or a Twitter account is not using it) you are off the bus. And your competitors are watching you — in their rear-view mirror.

When Bruce asked me to partner with him in VMG, I leapt at the opportunity. Although incredibly powerful, Social Media remains in its infancy. Much has yet to be discovered about its use. VMG already has some fantastic secret recipes affording us, and our esteemed clients, an opportunity few ever get – the chance to make communications history.

So hop on the bus – or in our nautical case – the boat. An ocean cruise beats a bus-ride any day.

Larry Bleidner
Partner/Creative Director